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Balancing Your Wedding Budget – Keep Entertainment as a Must!

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In reflection of our recent blog post, DIY Wedding DJ – Do or Don’t?,” we thought of a few more ways that engaged couples can balance their Wedding budget without sacrificing quality.  In this uncertain economy, there are many times that couples may consider spending less on their Wedding.  This is understandable, however there is one area on your Wedding budget that should never get short-changed:  Your Entertainment Budget!

Nothing makes us cringe more than we read Wedding Reviews in which the client regrets spending less on their Wedding Entertainment.  These reviews nearly always indicate that if they had to do it over again, they would have spent the few extra dollars to provide high-quality, professional entertainment for their Wedding.  This is very unfortunate, because nobody wants to look back on their Wedding Day and remember hearing a lackluster performance simply to save a few dollars.

One past client actually told us that they had attended a friend’s wedding in which the DJ showed up in flip-flops, did not properly introduce the Wedding party, and played hardly anything that was on the ‘must play’ list.  When asked how much that client spent for their DJ, we were not so shocked to hear that the couple only spent $300 to have a DJ for 5 hours.

This is exactly why we cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional entertainer from a professional agency.  Whether you are considering a Band, DJ, or other entertainment for your wedding, the first thing you should ask yourself is “How do I want to remember my Wedding Day?”  This is the one day that you will look back on for years to come, and it should remind you of just how much fun you and your guests had at your Wedding celebration.  Remember, your Wedding Day should be filled with beautiful memories!

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