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The Summer continues to bring record-breaking heat to the Washington, DC area, although our brides and grooms are not letting this stand in their way of having the Outdoor Summer Wedding of their dreams!  The elegance and beauty of an outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception are what attract many couples in this area to choose such a venue for their special day.

For couples who do opt for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, there has to be special consideration made for many important details.  You want to make sure there are plenty of cold beverages being passed during the cocktail hour, that’s for sure!  But what about your Wedding Cake?  On such a hot and humid day in August, what are the chances that your cake melts and falls over?  That would certainly spell disaster!  Well, there is good news for those of you wishing to present your Wedding Cake outside during your reception.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Ruffner, Pastry Chef for RSVP Catering, the other day.  We asked her what advice she would give couples who would like to present their Wedding Cake Outdoors.  This is what she shared with us:

Wedding Cake Tips for Outdoor Summer Weddings

Frosting or Fondant?

If you plan on displaying your cake outdoors go with fondant instead of buttercream, it will hold up well without refrigeration.

Wedding Cake Cost Trends

Order a  smaller embellished cake for displaying and “cake cutting” , then have sheet cakes on reserve to serve your guests

Mini Dessert Buffets with Small Cutting Cake

This is a great option for those couples that really don’t care for cake, but would like to offer mini desserts to their guests.

Also a great option for smaller intimate weddings of 50-100 guests.

Preserving Top Tier for Anniversary Cake

Lightly wrap completely chilled cake with plastic wrap and then wrap in foil.  It can be frozen up to 1 year!

Just take a look at this beautiful Wedding Cake – created by RSVP Catering!

Image, rsvp catering, wedding cake

Photo courtesy of RSVP Catering (2012)

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