Wedding Trends for Fall 2013!


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champagne glasses


There are all sorts of new trends for weddings this year!  One of my favorites? Goodbye to the martini bar-hello to the  infused flavor champagne bar. Mmmmm! One of this bloggers newly discovered favorites is champagne infused with Chambord. Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur is modeled after a raspberry liqueur produced in the  Loire Valley of France during the late 17th century. The liqueur was said to have been introduced to Louis XIV during one of his visits to the  Chateau de Chambord (thus the  name!).  It was common during that time for liqueur and cognacs  to be consumed with elegant meals. Whether yours is elegant or casual-champagne can go with either! For a less formal infusion add some lighter fruits like peach or melon. Just have fun with it! 

More info on new trends coming soon!

Balancing Your Wedding Budget – Keep Entertainment as a Must!


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Balancing Your Wedding Budget – Keep Entertainment as a Must!

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In reflection of our recent blog post, DIY Wedding DJ – Do or Don’t?,” we thought of a few more ways that engaged couples can balance their Wedding budget without sacrificing quality.  In this uncertain economy, there are many times that couples may consider spending less on their Wedding.  This is understandable, however there is one area on your Wedding budget that should never get short-changed:  Your Entertainment Budget!

Nothing makes us cringe more than we read Wedding Reviews in which the client regrets spending less on their Wedding Entertainment.  These reviews nearly always indicate that if they had to do it over again, they would have spent the few extra dollars to provide high-quality, professional entertainment for their Wedding.  This is very unfortunate, because nobody wants to look back on their Wedding Day and remember hearing a lackluster performance simply to save a few dollars.

One past client actually told us that they had attended a friend’s wedding in which the DJ showed up in flip-flops, did not properly introduce the Wedding party, and played hardly anything that was on the ‘must play’ list.  When asked how much that client spent for their DJ, we were not so shocked to hear that the couple only spent $300 to have a DJ for 5 hours.

This is exactly why we cannot stress enough the importance of hiring a professional entertainer from a professional agency.  Whether you are considering a Band, DJ, or other entertainment for your wedding, the first thing you should ask yourself is “How do I want to remember my Wedding Day?”  This is the one day that you will look back on for years to come, and it should remind you of just how much fun you and your guests had at your Wedding celebration.  Remember, your Wedding Day should be filled with beautiful memories!

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DIY Wedding DJ – Do or Don’t?


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DIY Wedding DJ – Do or Don’t?

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The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Wedding has become a very hot topic for brides, grooms, and bloggers alike over the past few years.  Many couples have chosen the DIY route for many aspects of their wedding celebration:  everything from making their own cake, having a family member make decorations and invitations, and even down to hand-made party favors.  Some couples do it to save money, while others may want to incorporate the intimate appeal of having friends and family contribute to the planning process.  Whatever the case may be, there are many great things that can come from doing some things yourself for your Wedding.  But not everything, and we’ll tell you why.

One of the questions that we have been asked by brides and grooms recently is what our take is on the “DIY Wedding DJ.”

First of all, Don’t!  

When it comes to your Wedding Entertainment, this is absolutely the first thing we will recommend not doing yourself!  Of course, developing the playlist will require your input, whether you choose to hire a DJ or not.  However, choosing the right order to play each song is a very important skill that many people may not possess naturally.  That is why it is important to have someone who is experienced and professional to handle your music requests accordingly.

Another issue that is very common at DIY weddings is microphone feedback and poor sound quality.  There are several factors that can influence just how well microphone and sound equipment performs.  One common mistake that is made by DIY-ers is not taking into account the fact that you will have to make adjustments to volume levels quite regularly for several reasons.  Therefore, there may be many awkward times that you find yourself going back and forth to adjust the volume, or some other sound variable such as the gain or frequency level.

Finally, if not first-mostly, consider the costs involved.  Many DIY-DJ systems are affordable, though are usually not available as an all-in-one package.  Therefore, you will have to invest in multiple pieces of equipment, which can actually add up to more than you expect.

Did you know that the average cost for a basic Wedding DJ setup is between $1500 – $5000?

This is only a rough estimate, considering that there are DJ’s who invest much more into their system.  This is something that you should definitely consider as a cost-savings opportunity.  Why go through all of the expense of buying equipment that you may only use once or twice, if at all, after that?  Trust us, you will be glad that you made the investment in choosing a Live DJ for your Wedding.  Your guests will definitely notice the difference!

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Wedding Cake Tips for Outdoor Summer Weddings


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The Summer continues to bring record-breaking heat to the Washington, DC area, although our brides and grooms are not letting this stand in their way of having the Outdoor Summer Wedding of their dreams!  The elegance and beauty of an outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception are what attract many couples in this area to choose such a venue for their special day.

For couples who do opt for an outdoor wedding ceremony and reception, there has to be special consideration made for many important details.  You want to make sure there are plenty of cold beverages being passed during the cocktail hour, that’s for sure!  But what about your Wedding Cake?  On such a hot and humid day in August, what are the chances that your cake melts and falls over?  That would certainly spell disaster!  Well, there is good news for those of you wishing to present your Wedding Cake outside during your reception.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Natalie Ruffner, Pastry Chef for RSVP Catering, the other day.  We asked her what advice she would give couples who would like to present their Wedding Cake Outdoors.  This is what she shared with us:

Wedding Cake Tips for Outdoor Summer Weddings

Frosting or Fondant?

If you plan on displaying your cake outdoors go with fondant instead of buttercream, it will hold up well without refrigeration.

Wedding Cake Cost Trends

Order a  smaller embellished cake for displaying and “cake cutting” , then have sheet cakes on reserve to serve your guests

Mini Dessert Buffets with Small Cutting Cake

This is a great option for those couples that really don’t care for cake, but would like to offer mini desserts to their guests.

Also a great option for smaller intimate weddings of 50-100 guests.

Preserving Top Tier for Anniversary Cake

Lightly wrap completely chilled cake with plastic wrap and then wrap in foil.  It can be frozen up to 1 year!

Just take a look at this beautiful Wedding Cake – created by RSVP Catering!

Image, rsvp catering, wedding cake

Photo courtesy of RSVP Catering (2012)

To learn more about the many services RSVP Catering offers, please visit 

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Don’t Forget About Table Decorations!


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The most important thing at any wedding is the music, of course! But the next thing on the list should be a beautiful table. Walking into an event and seeing wrinkled linens or an overloaded table is an instant turn-off. Tables should look clean, crisp and elegant!

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You can add a lot of color to a room by using dynamic linens-then add fabulous place settings with simple centerpieces so the look is not overwhelming, add great lighting – and you’ve got your design! If your taste is “less is more”, then use simple white linens with a more modern place setting-add just a touch of color, and your look is complete!

Image, decoration, table decoration, davis event group, wonderful weddings

Trust us!  Your guests will notice the difference when you put that ‘little extra’ into making your table and room design extraordinary.  Imagine all the beautiful photos you will enjoy knowing that you were the one who arranged for such sophisticated decor!

Did you know that the Davis Event Group also provides decor and theme decor for Weddings?

Contact one of our consultants today to start planning for the Wedding of your dreams today!

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Summer Wedding Fashion – Everybody’s Into It!


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Summer Wedding Season is definitely heating up, especially in the Washington, DC area!  With record-high heats and unforgiving humidity, we would definitely say that this Summer has been nothing but hot!  Along with hot summer weather comes hot summer fashion.  Brides and Grooms everywhere are showing up in style for their big day.  Just take a look at these amazing bride and groom photos!

wedding dress, beautiful bride, bride, wedding gown, summer wedding, summer wedding dress, summer bride, elegant, elegant wedding, wonderful wedding, davis event group

groom, handsome, summer wedding, summer suit, elegant wedding, wonderful wedding, davis event groupNot only are brides and grooms showing off their good fashion taste this summer, but also the bridal party and wedding guests!  Vibrant colors, floral patterns, and trendy accessories are standards at many of this year’s Summer Wedding celebrations!  It is no wonder why the Washington DC area is home to some of the nation’s hippest, trendiest Summer Weddings!

Davis Event Group receives 2012 Bride’s Choice Award!


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The Davis Event Group is proud to receive the Bride’s Choice Award from Wedding Wire!

Each year, Wedding Wire awards local vendors from several service categories the prestigious Bride’s Choice Award for providing superior service to wedding clients.  As stated from the Wedding Wire website, “The 2012 award recipients represent the top five percent of WeddingWire’s vendor community, which consists of over 200,000 wedding professionals throughout the US and Canada.” []

The Davis Event Group provides music and entertainment services to hundreds of wedding clients each year.  Including some of the most talented musicians and entertainers in the entire Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, The Davis Event Group is proud to have a group of professionals who are able to deliver such high quality service on a consistent basis.

Hats off to our team for making this possible!

 Here are a few of the many talented entertainers that have made this possible:

DJ Aaron

DJ Aaron

DJ Rob

DJ Steve

DJ Kathy

DJ Kathy

We certainly do not want to forget our many talented bands, such as Diamond Alley, Black Tie, and DC Fusion for playing their part (pun intended) in creating lasting memories for our wonderful wedding clients! 

It brings us great joy to know that we have made our clients happy, and we are certainly excited to be included in Wedding Wire’s 2012 Bride’s Choice Award!

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Theme Weddings – Is There a Trend?


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According to Beverly Clark Weddings, weddings themes are back and more stylized than ever!

From Las Vegas to Classic Hollywood, brides are loving the continuity of that fully themed event. When Davis Event Group began doing corporate theme decor, we realized how much we loved doing it and how much fun our clients had as well. Then, one day in a Staff meeting we thought…why not bring this to brides?!  What a perfect Marriage! And so the story unfolds! With many years of design and fun under our belts, we continue to please you-our brides- as well as our corporate clients with elegant, interesting and fun decor. And-all of our decor is made right in the the good ole USA! It is all crafted and hand painted by DEG artists. We would love to hear from you! Image


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Fireworks and Sparklers for your Summer Wedding!


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Fireworks For Your Wedding!

Summer Weddings are so much fun and exciting, especially when there are Fireworks involved!  Many couples who are planning to get married during the summer may want to add a bit of excitement to their special day by including a fireworks display for everyone to enjoy.  There are so many memories that can be captured in that very moment when bursts of light, sound and positive energy ignite the fire for celebration!  Just take a look at this amazing fireworks photo!

Don’t Forget the Sparkler Send-Off!

What Summer Wedding would be complete without a Sparkler Send Off?  There are so many couples who are opting for this fun, festive fireworks display to put an exciting close on an already special day!  Couples and guests alike will have such a great time sharing in that special moment in elegance and style!


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Summer Wedding Season is Here – and so is the Heat!


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Beat the Summer Heat at your Wedding!

Summer brings fun times, good food, and Wonderful Weddings!  Even though the weather will bring days of high temperatures, heat, and our dearly abhorred friend –  humidity, there are some great ways to ‘beat the Summer heat’ for your Wedding!

There is the obvious alternative of hosting your Ceremony and Reception indoors.  But, what about those of you who would like to commemorate your special day with an outdoor Wedding Ceremony and Reception?  Providing your guests with fans or umbrellas would make a sensational addition to your beautiful ceremony!  Just take a look at this amazing assortment of summer umbrellas!

After your ceremony, you and your guests will be ready to cool off and enjoy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres before dinner.  What summer cocktail hour would be complete without Sangria?  Sangria is a very sweet combination of wine, fruit, and often a hint of brandy is added for that extra ‘punch.’  This delectable summer beverage is a favorite for those [adults] in attendance who want to enjoy a refreshing, fruity drink while socializing with other guests at your wedding.

And don’t forget about the younger guests!  There are some amazing ‘mock-tail’ ideas that may even have some of the older guests asking for samples!  How about this delicious raspberry spritzer to cool things off?

This summer sensation is made with fresh raspberries, seltzer water, and raspberry syrup.  Add a sprig of mint, and this drink will be sure to get rave reviews! (*Of course, the adults may opt for a ‘splash’ of their favorite liquor to enhance the experience!)  Either way, this delicious concoction will definitely be a crowd favorite!

As the day winds down, and the time comes to enjoy your first meal as a couple, why not opt for an outdoor tented Dinner and Dance Reception?  There are so many wonderful ways to incorporate the luxury and beauty of your Summer Wedding by hosting a tented Dinner and Dance Reception.  Just take a look at this photo!

Your guests will be so happy that you chose to host your Wedding Ceremony and Reception outdoors.  There are so many beautiful things about Summer that cannot be captured indoors, so why not be a part of it all?  Your Wedding should be filled with beautiful memories!


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